As a long-time teacher, I feel comfortable working with a “local” business staff in small-group or individual Workshops relating to most writing needs. Please ask me any questions you have regarding the following.



  • Developing Poetry Writing in “Forms”: (from Haiku to Limerick to Ballad Stanza to Sonnet, for all ages);

  • Children’s Literature, Storytelling : Picture Books, Narrative Adventures,
    Personal Journeys (Pre-K to Adults), Character Studies;

  • Focuses of your own interest to pursue;

  • Employee “Enrichment” Projects (individual or group).



  • I am interested in fulfilling Artist-in-Residence opportunities that may arise, as well as coordinating and running 1 to 3-week “teaching” residencies (charrettes, community problem solving strategies).

  • My “background” extends from being an artist in the Nebraska Arts Council Artist in the Schools program to overseeing a University of Northern Colorado Upward Bound Summer School Poetry Anthology.


Michael Knisely

SAMPLE: Creative Writing Artist Residency: Shakespeare


Historical Context:

  • Overview of Elizabethan (and Jacobean) Life, Literature, and Culture

  • Shakespeare’s Evolving Career, from early to late work

  • The Sonnet, from Petrarch to Shakespeare to Contemporary forms

Literary Review:

  • The role of Women in his plays (and the culture)

  • His impact on Contemporary Art (from music to dance to film: excerpts)


Writing and Other Associated Activities:

  • Creating Shakespeare Games (Board Games, “Jeopardy”, Computer Games)

  • Writing poetry(“of his era’s ‘language’”; Petrarchan / Elizabethan / Contemporary)

  • New “translations/transposings” of individual scenes from his plays to then enact

  • Instructor feedback (individual conferences, small group sessions)

  • In-class or “extra-curricular” readings/presentations of student work


Publishing Residency Writings:

  • In-house School District anthologies

  • Submissions for Area-wide anthologies (for larger community events)




“Contingent” Residency Schedule


Two- or Three-Week Residency Timetable: (alternating M-W-F / T-Th meetings) –
Daily Activities by Day:

  • Day 1: Intro to artist and residency goals; Historical Contexts, writing prompts

  • Day 2: In-class work on writings; peer and instructor and artist feedback

  • Day 3: Literary Review overview (excerpts from music, visual art, and film)

  • Day 4: Final “conference” feedback, creating of “games”

  • Day 5: In-class readings of “finished” individual student creative work

  • Day 6: Playing of “games”, reading from Shakespeare’s writings

  • Day 7: “Illustrating” student writings and organizing texts to “publish”

  • Day 8: School-wide readings, and/or on-campus Flash Mob presentations