TESTIMONIALS! What others are saying

Jackson H.

The freedom of the assignments and class overall was super critical to my success because if I had to have written about something that I was not actually interested in, then my writing would have suffered. It also, relit the fire in my belly to get this dream of mine going.  The Topic Proposal was a huge deal for me. The fact that I was able to pick my own topic for these essays was crucial to my success. As I previously mentioned, I am not much of a talented writer and have often struggled through school with it. But after this class, I feel ready for anything now, any sort of writing assignment.


Thomas K.

With the evolving situation of COVID-19, I found that keeping in contact and asking questions of my professor as the most helpful aspect to writing my final research paper. While I did look at the work of others, I did not base my paper off their writing strategies. The advice and recommendations from Professor Knisely helped me outline my paper into something that could be broken down in a Main Point with 3 subpoints describing it. My paper was designed in a problem-solution style that I really enjoyed writing in. The only frustration I had with writing my final research paper was not being able to ask questions in person or receive that conference time I would have gotten in person. Other than that I feel as if my topic had an overwhelming amount of information and fact that allowed me to properly write a paper I would be proud of. I gained quite a lot from my research paper. I realized that education and poverty is what I am most passionate about, while it being something I want to dedicated my life to. I learned more about my topic than I had ever thought I would, it challenged me to think from an objective point of view while also illuminating areas of the topic I once would have been ignorant to. My research focus opened doors for me with my interview of Jenny Ladd, the Co-Founder of Class Action. My relationship with Jenny has been ongoing as we frequently exchange emails on philosophical thought as well as opportunities she believes would help me succeed.


Kyle P.

Overall, I felt what you had shown us in class was very helpful when creating this project. What I would say was most helpful in the readings or handouts was your sandwich method for creating paragraphs. This really showed me how to create credibility before stating a fact. The resource material, I felt I had a good understanding of how to use going into this class; online data bases, libraries, and the student success center I used throughout this semester. The writing projects helped out a great amount, the annotated bibliographies helped organize the researched materials and the reader responses helped give me an idea of what you are looking for in this project. The conferences helped out a lot, even though our second one was virtual, you had great feedback and critiques.

I did not have to many frustrations with this project, the biggest one for myself would be narrowing down what the actual problem. This topic had so many problems, it was hard to narrow it down to one without going into another problem. They are all slightly intertwined and if you solve one, it effects the other. What I gained from this project is a better understanding of how to synthesize articles and research to incorporate them into my own project. I learned better techniques of how to give what I am quoting better credibility for the reader. This class fine tuned what we learned in English 121 and made us a better academic writer. It helped me better understand how to develop a problem and solve it in one writing.

Thank you for all of your help and guidance through the class! I enjoyed you sharing some of your true passions of music and poetry. You’re a talented guitar player and creative writer. Thank you for all of your help this semester, the tips you taught me I will use through my college career.

Aaisha P.

I would even like to thank my professor Mr. Michael Knisley for supporting us and guiding us all through this bizarre and being ever present for me to response to my questions. He even helped to me encourage that it is possible to write essay being resourceful enough and mindful about it.  Professor Michael has been inspiring us to even write poems and other recreational paper as well.  I am grateful to Professor Michael Knisley and his abilities that he made me learn so much. It helped me that writing is not that easy if you have motive to write it down to entertain yourself. To write an essay one needs more encouragement than willingness. Interest to build your paragraph to your essay gave me a journey to express my writing in word to be writer. The process of writing can be long but trial and error will save your paper more than being successful at once. An essay is supposed to write your feeling and motivation behind it. From this class I learned is writing an essay is easy if you were motivated enough to make errors and confidence enough to go through those mistakes and make one strong paper.


Jordy C.

This semester was an interesting one. I learned a lot of new things and I believe I grew as

a writer. For example I learned more about punctuation and how to properly use some of those mysterious symbols, I also learned how to do interviews, and the key to making the other person comfortable. I also got to write on topics that I enjoyed learning about since; I have a connection to what I was learning which is student parents in college. I also believe my 40 minute timed writing got a lot better from the beginning of the semester. Overall I enjoyed the class and I know I came out a better writer from the beginning of the semester.


Linda M.

The conferences and comments are what helped my writing process the most. I was not

too sure on my topic, my style, or confident in any aspect for these assignments. The conference helped immensely with trying to understand to concept of creating a scene past tense. Along with the comments on my phrasing, I saw no issue till I re read my essay with the constructive criticism in the back of my mind.


Other Student Evaluations:


  • Overall Professor Knisely was a good instructor.  He always gave positive feedback on all of my work and really helped me improve my skills as a writer.  He took extra time out of his schedule to have multiple meetings about our work.


  • Mr. Knisely was a great professor and was very helpful throughout.The assignments that he gave were very intriguing and allowed me to really excel in my writing.He helped us to better ourselves through conferences and pinpointed our mistakes and gave us ways to fix them.


  • Mr. Knisely was not only a clear expert in the material, but also held the rare ability to project his knowledge in a way elegant but easy to understand.  His feedback was not the same unconstructive drivel that students have been used to.  But, genuinely enhanced the knowledge of the student.  In short, we learned.


  • As an instructor, he worked with each of us individually and put time into finding out about us and our writing style.  He pushed me to think outside of the box of how I normally write. Even though this class was not as arduous as the AP literature and composition course I had taken in high school, this class was imperative to my writing ability and I feel as though my writing improved more in the class than in AP. Overall, the teaching performance was incredible helpful to me.


  • Professor was clear in his expectations; that made the writing process easier.  Professor conducted conferences during which he gave his advice and suggestions that made my writing stronger and more interesting.  I’ve learned a lot during this course.


  • The professor was very enthusiastic and he kept my attention in class.He had great stories and it was funny how he would go off topic.  The conferences were very helpful and he really really wanted everyone to be productive in their writing.  He was a great professor.


  • Professor Knisely is a great English teacher.He was always very clear about our assignments and he always gave good feedback.He was also very easy to approach and answered questions well.  The best thing about this class was the conferences.It was so helpful to get his comments and feedback about my papers before they were due.


  • Professor Knisely did an excellent job at teaching this course.Very knowledgeable in English with much positive feedback.  Helped drastically improve my skills as a writer and in English.  Good attitude about class and toward students. Enjoyed Professor Knisely very much.


  • Professor Knisely is one of my favorite teachers after taking this class.  He has always taken time to help me outside of class whenever I have asked for it.  His high energy teaching style made it both easy and enjoyable to attend an pay attention in class.