​Creating English Grade-level School Curriculum (Elementary – College)

  • Developing assignments in

    1. Punctuation/language usage

    2. Research project strategies (from concept to final editing)

    3. Documentation rules (MLA, APA, Chicago Style);

  • Reading Comprehension Skills: Reading for Pleasure, Analysis of Literature

  • Improving Writing Skills in Poetry, Drama, Prose (Fiction, Creative Non-fiction);


Providing Supplemental Tutoring/Instruction to existing school English Courses:

  • Rhetoric (The Art of Persuasion)

  • Analysis of Literature (American, British, Ethnic Studies, World)

  • Creative Writing (Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction);


Honing Critical Thinking and Writing Skills “across the curriculum”, for course projects beyond English classes, for school requirements or personal interest:

  • Social Sciences Research Projects (History, Psychology, Communication Studies, etc.)

  • Physical Sciences Projects (Biology, Technology, Engineering, etc.)

  • Music (Performance, Theory, History, Analysis)