About Michael Knisely

My name is Michael Knisely (pronounced “Nize-ly”).  I have been an English Teacher for the past forty years, initially teaching high school English, and for the past twenty years at the college level, mostly teaching a spectrum of Composition and Creative Writing courses.  


You, or a loved one, can benefit from our working together in developing your own written voice and effectively communicating your thoughts, ideas, and insights for differing purposes and target audiences. From the brainstorming of a writing project to the
final edits and proofreading, your growth as an effective writer is my primary tutoring goal.

Teaching at the University of Northern Colorado allowed me to help my students win five times the Kearns Award for the Best Freshman Composition essay, and throughout my career I have always had positive feedback from student evaluations, serving also as a judge for the McNair Scholars Program, providing feedback for undergraduate research projects.

In terms of “publishing”, I worked with a UNC psychology professor to get his research accepted after two years of futile efforts prior to my assistance.  As a poet, I have a passion for all forms of creative writing, whether in fulfilling course requirements, or for personal growth. I can also assist you in literary analysis for school requirements, and helping to hone your critiquing skills.


I have most recently been teaching and  tutoring for Front Range Community College here in Colorado (2018 – present), but the COVID–19 virus has pushed me to work “remotely” with everyone, until a vaccine allows us to proceed safely face-to-face.  Despite these “distanced” interactions, our sessions will be personal, professional, and detailed. I absolutely care about your progress in becoming a better writer.  My own “graduate “academic” background is in Creative Writing, earning an MFA in Poetry Writing from the University of Arizona (1989). Names and dates and degrees aside, and given the virus CDC safety protocols, please let me know when you have any questions or concerns at any time in our working together.  Feel free to contact my current or former Department Chairs or Deans, regarding my performance in teaching and tutoring.


Throughout my teaching career I have valued each person I get to work with, celebrating our individualities and interests, and wrangling with challenges we often face. I am here to help you gain insight and create better and better writing (even “performance”!), as you pursue your goals where communicating in writing really matters.


Still, my heart shines most in writing and sharing (and what else IS there but . . . ) poetry.  I look forward to creating a dialogue with you, I am available to teach, tutor, or coach you to explore any and every way to transform your writing, where, most of all, you can surprise even yourself.


Whenever you and I might physically “meet”, we will follow CDC health guidelines, involving wearing masks and safe distances, but for now, we will be working online via email, phone, or Zoom/WebEx/etc. 

Contact me at thekniselyway@gmail.com or 970-590-6924.

My hourly rate is $40/hr  •  Three 1-hour sessions for $100
Free Initial 1/2 hour Consultation
(negotiable depending on your financial circumstances)


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